Heading down to New York for NYGW and AAF

I’m quite excited to travel to New York next week to show twenty of my Muzzled Dolls at the Affordable Art Fair. I’ll be the only 3D artist among a group of close to 20 artists represented by Artêria Gallery from Montreal. Artêria has just come back from events in Tokyo and Melbourne, they have a great expertise at art fairs.

I’ll use the occasion to attend events happening around New York Gallery Week and The Great Outdoors opening at Woodward Gallery.

It is the first time that I’ll have the chance to show some of my work in the open sky gallery that New York still incarnates so well. My Muzzled Dolls will be at home at the AAF. They are affordable, small sized sculptures made of old dolls covered with crochet and casted resin objects. They all have strong attachment value, first by beeing dolls and secondly by the indentity they have acquired trough the exercice of transformation. I hope to meet many collectors and artists and will be reachable trough direct Twitter in NY from may 5th to 9th. Come and meet me!!

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  1. JN Bigotti 3 mai 2010 @ 09:15 #

    Ouaou ! Martine is heading to NYC !
    Bravo Martine, bonne foire et plein de bises

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